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Susana and her SGN team have been working tirelessly to initiate long-term positive change in HAITI.

Sustainable Global Network’s main objective has been to network like-minded passionate, driven individuals into one problem-solving community. Many of the issues and challenges faced in Haiti today is perpetuated by a lack of leadership and an inability to work with each other. SGN builds leadership and networking skills within the communities, creating greater organization and also in the process, creating a volunteer directory containing the contact information of a wide-range of local skilled men and women who can be called forth to solve problems.

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Above, Salomon Georges, has been one of the many who has been ready and willing to volunteer. As an aquaponics expert, he educates us on what goes into maintaining a successful Aquaponics farm.


Salomon, our aquaponics teacher from Titanyen has agreed to teach farmers in Miragoane, and in return, farmers in Miragoane are donating seedlings to the Titanyen area. This is an example of how Sustainable Global Network empowers individuals and communities to help themselves by bartering their services. Through networking and communicating with each other, they are learning that many of their problems can, and will be solved by first, organizing the people, and then using their collective skill, resources and manpower to come together to get things done. 


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The children are our top priority. Creating a better place for our children to live in will always be the main focus and motivation for SGN.


The Sustainable Global Network team makes it a priority to connect with the underprivileged children of the world with the help of their teaching staffs, many of which are either making little money, or are volunteering their time and efforts. Team building games and challenges, and meeting with teachers, parents and students is how SGN learns about what keeps them moving forward and also about the things that are holding them back. Visiting the schools and orphanages presents itself with a wonderful opportunity to donate not only time, but also supplies and sports equipment.

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In Haiti we are everywhere… We cover a lot of ground.

Our mission is to connect the people of Haiti together so our team members have been traveling all over the country, meeting people and hearing their stories, first-hand.


It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to keep SGN going and we can definitely use your help. Please donate to Sustainable Global Network and your hard-earned money will be used for an amazing, empowering cause.  If you would rather donate your time and energy, we welcome and encourage all to get involved and volunteer or stay connected by joining our network. Everyone can play a part in bringing prosperity to people around the world.

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If you have any questions, whether it be about volunteering, donating, or even how participation can lead to language study and travel, send us a message. Let’s Connect! We are stronger and more effective, together.


Call: +1 (814) 246-8660

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